Should I get 5G for my Business Mobiles?

The rise of remote work, and the need to use the internet on the go, mean mobile devices have become an indispensable part of people’s work lives. Which makes the move to 5G business phones unsurprising.

There are many reasons that a business might consider moving to the new superfast technology. Are the first movers with the right technology leadership likely to grow faster? Will proactive organisations attract more customers and gain market share in today’s environment?

Read more as we explore some of the important 5G questions including how it could impact your business and things to consider before making the move.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth-generation mobile network, moving on from the previous 4G. It promises to deliver faster services with download speeds and download open times super fast.

For some real-world context, to download a feature-length movie using 5G could take a few seconds.

Why is it changing?

In a world constantly evolving and changing, 5G is seen as the way to meet the needs of a highly connected and data-driven society. It  helps solve the connectivity issue for the Internet of Things (IOT) and provides enhanced efficient connectivities and more.

By 2024 there will be 2.6 billion 5G subscriptions (65% of the global population) with 35% of all Internet traffic carried over 5G.

What’s the benefit of 5G Business Mobiles?

Using a mobile phone while travelling

Already, the UK government are investing heavily in getting the correct infrastructure in place to support 5G business mobiles. It is certainly seen as a means to grow economic conditions and can bring many advantages to a business.

  • Increased speed and efficiency

5G is around 10x & 20x faster than its predecessor 4G. This enables quicker downloads, faster uploads, and improved overall data transfer performance. This is particularly beneficial for data-intensive industries like manufacturing, transport and retail.

  • Future-proofing

It’s only a matter of time before we see businesses pick up on 5G business phones as standard.

  • Reduced latency issue

Latency refers to the time it takes for a mobile phone to open downloads and applications or connect to applications in real-time. Let’s face it, we’ve all had our Teams or Zoom video conferencing lagging or breaking during important calls- this should stop that.

  • Enhanced connectivity

The faster and more reliable connectivity of 5G supports remote work by facilitating seamless access to cloud-based applications, virtual meetings, and other online collaboration tools.

  • Chance for new business innovations

The widespread adoption of 5G technology presents significant opportunities for new business innovations not least by the speed it can process data. Consider mobile app possibilities, enhance customer engagement, point of sale systems and more.

Are you Business Phone 5G Ready?

Determining if a business is 5G-ready involves assessing various factors related to its infrastructure, devices, and connectivity. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Limited coverage

Check coverage zones! Although 5G covers most of the UK, some spots may not yet. Make sure to double check your business is in a place to use 5G or you aren’t spending too much time in places with no coverage.

  • Compatible/Upgrade charges

Not all devices will be 5G ready, so you may need to invest in the right equipment to ensure it’s compatible and ready.

  • Make sure it’s included in your plan

5G May not have been included in your business phone plan. Make sure to double-check. It’s easy to make updates to plans if you want to reach out to our support team.

What are the practical things I can do with a Business 5G Phone?

video conferencing on a mobile phone

Businesses can leverage 5G phones to unlock a range of practical and innovative capabilities. Here are some practical things you can do with business 5G phones:

  • Home working
  • Video conferencing, file sharing, and collaborative editing without delays.
  • Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
  • Video Marketing and Streaming
  • GPS and Location-Based Services
  • Advanced mobile security

How much does 5g cost?

Chat with our team today to discuss what 5G will cost your business. We will also cover any additional questions you might have including coverage costs, anything else you might need to consider, and how you can best utilise it for your business.

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