Transport and Logistics Fleet Management

Telematics and vehicle CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) are two crucial technologies used in transport and logistics fleet management. They are the best way to monitor and manage vehicles effectively.

Transportation and Logistics firms play a vital role in facilitating the movement of goods, supplies, and equipment to their intended locations. However, long distances, heavy loads and other factors mean the cost of business can be high. That’s where vehicle CCTV and Telematics come in. Find out more as we outline some of the key issues we and how an appropriate solution can effectively address them.

Transport and Logistics Fleet Software

Vehicle CCTV and Telematics involves the use of devices installed in vehicles to collect and transmit data related to vehicle performance, location, driver behaviour, and other relevant information. Here are some of the key features for the transportation and logistics industry:


Comply with tachograph regulation

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Real Time Tracking

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Enhanced Driver Behaivour

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Efficient route planning and optimisation.

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Maintenance scheduling based on vehicle health data.

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Accident and incident documentation for liability purposes.

Real-time tracking of vehicle locations allows for fleet managers and drivers to plan the most efficient route. Telematics devices include sensors that monitor various aspects of vehicle operation, such as speed, acceleration, braking, and fuel consumption. OBD systems provide insights into the health and status of the vehicle. The collected data is transmitted wirelessly through cellular networks, to a central server or cloud-based platform. Fleet managers can access this information in real-time.

Key issues in transportation fleet management

Supply chain disruptions have been a central issue in the transportation industry. Increasing transport costs from fuel increases, inconsistencies with tracking, limited visibility and a lack of communication are also reasons for rising costs and delays.

Optimising supply chain management and logistics with telematics and vehicle CCTV can address these challenges and help identify cost-saving areas.

Here are some of the key issues in transportation fleet management

Vehicle Maintenance

– Cost of maintenance– a Lack of maintenance process or infrastructure can lead to unsafe driving, low tyre lifetime, or late detection to damage. Telematics and Vehicle CCTV can introduce the process and arm drivers with the right knowledge to avoid this.

– Shortfall in drivers or less experienced drivers- A Shortfall in available drivers can lead to limited resources. Finding efficiencies on the route and providing drivers with training can help solve this.

– Regulatory Compliance- By leveraging telematics and vehicle CCTV, fleet operators can enhance their ability to monitor, report, and enforce compliance with regulatory requirements.

– Fuel wastage- Monitoring idle time, aggressive driving or speeding, and driver behaivour are a key way to monitor and improve fuel wastage. Fuel analytics and measurement can show where fuel is commonly used most and provide insights on improving.

– Customer Demands and Expectations– a good tracking system can provide customers with up to date information and exact data on delivery times and locations.

– Security Concerns- Monitors on the system can protect against theft and vandalism and provides video evidence and automated alerts if something happens to the vehicle.

–  Environmental Impact- the right solution should help you make informed decisions to reduce environmental impact, improve efficiency, and contribute to sustainable practices in the transportation and logistics industry.

Fuel optimisation

Key Features to the Transport Industry

For Drivers
360 optidrive

Opti Drive 360

Access to a range of data points, creates complete visibility over how your drivers perform behind the wheel. The OptiDrive 360 approach provides valuable insights across eight key areas: speeding, driving events, idling, fuel, speed, coasting, green speed and gear shift.

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Cruise Control

Webfleet cruise control map interface highlights the part of a journey where drivers have engaged cruise control in green.  You can then identify which drivers require additional training and encouragement to use this function more frequently to limit needless fuel consumption.

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Route Planning

Real time GPS tracking- The professional truck navigation of the PRO Driver Terminal series from Webfleet Solutions shows large vehicle drivers the most suitable routes for them, so there’s less chance of driving unnecessary kilometres. It also offers access to up-to-date traffic information to keep you out of traffic jams where idling can increase fuel consumption.

For Fleet Managers
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Visibility on Fuel Use/Fuel Management

Our solution allows you to monitor how fuel is being consumed in real-time and analyse historical fuel usage. Not only can you compare how fuel is used over time, but also spot exceptional events, trends and anomalies and use these insights to optimise fuel usage and operational costs.


Secure your assets

Geofencing to instantly alert you if a vehicle or asset leaves a pre-defined area. This means you can always know where your assets are and take action if they are taken without permission. You can also capture all things using video or remotely monitor the status of your assets, such as their fuel level, temperature, and engine hours.

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Lower Insurance

Our solutions can help drive down insurance premiums and help follow compliance.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Catch minor issues before they get worse. Book in routine maintenance and keep up to date on the health of the vehicle in real time.

call recording

Events Based Recording and Live Monitoring

You can set up live alerts as soon as an incident occurs and easily navigate through hours of footage to find evidence of when it occurs.

call analytivs & reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Detailed and integrated analytics will provide bespoke reports with the important information you need without needing to search for it.

Cold Chain

Enjoy complete fleet visibility and temperature control of refrigerated vehicles & trailers in real-time. Transport your goods with peace of mind.

Monitoring the temperature of goods is critical in the delivery process. Our solution helps managers regulate temperature during transport to support cold chain operations. It delivers real-time temperature monitoring, custom alerts, proof-of-delivery reporting and error code detection to improve your cold chain operations

With the Cold Chain Add-In, fleet managers can monitor and manage temperature in real-time. Custom alerting provides further peace of mind and insight into the transportation process.

Align with compliance requirements and use the reporting feature to provide proof of delivery to customers regarding the temperature of items delivered. Two-way communication features such as alarm clearing provide even greater control over fleet operations.

Our Solutions

WEBFLEET’s UK & Ireland vehicle telematics solutions offer an easy-to-use interface and simple installation so you can optimise your vehicle and fleet tracking directly from the office.

Webfleet is a software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based fleet management software that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

There is no need to install any web programs, making it easy to get started. The software is built using the latest HTML5 web technology, which ensures that it is compatible with all major browsers. It is also regularly updated with the latest innovations and features. With Webfleet, you can manage your fleet from anywhere. Whether you are at your desk, on the road, or even on your phone, you can always stay up-to-date on the status of your vehicles and drivers

Fleet check


FleetCheck fleet management software provides a range of services to help businesses manage their fleets more effectively. The company’s flagship product FleetCheck Driver is a mobile app that streamlines the vehicle inspection process and eliminates the need for paper trails. Drivers can use the app to submit fit-to-drive declarations, input fuel purchases, record incidents, and more. The app can be run on any smartphone, tablet, or Webfleet PRO driver terminal. You can also track your assets as the software uses GPS technology to track asset location in real time. This information can be used to improve efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and improve safety.

Mantis camera solutions 

The Mantis and Webfleet integration combines the power of Webfleet driving events with Mantis Evidence Centre to give you a single view of the truth. This powerful combination can help you to protect your drivers, improve safety standards, and reduce costs.

Mantis Cameras

How it Works

Fleet track diagram

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