Fleet Telematics Insurance

Fleet Telematics Insurance

Need help driving down your fleet insurance premiums? With our fleet telematics insurance solution, you can effectively lower your premiums.

Say goodbye to the stress of trying to prove non-fault accidents, help reinforce great driving habits, and monitor your vehicles in real-time.

What is fleet telematics insurance?

Fleet telematics insurance or telematics-backed insurance refers to using telematics software to reduce insurance premiums.

Using a connected telematics and vehicle CCTV solution you can gather real-time data on driving behaviour, vehicle usage, and the route it drives.

Data helps adjust premiums based on actual risk factors or through safer driving practices.

Why should I use Fleet telematics insurance?

The last decade has witnessed a steep rise in automotive insurance costs across fleets. The last year alone saw the highest rise yet, with a 14% increase.

Bringing this down using a precision-based model can bring that cost back into your control and help reduce the premiums.

Beyond the mere cost, improving driver tactics, monitoring vehicle issues and optimising routes will ultimately lead to a more efficient fleet.

The purpose of telematics-backed insurance is to help you:

  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Contain insurance costs.
  • Realise additional potential savings in fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Protect your assets and your reputation

Benefits of Connected Telematics and Vehicle CCTV for Insurance

Connectivity forms the core of telematics, devices range from plug-in gadgets, factory-installed setups, to integrated systems and smartphone applications— it’s easier than ever for drivers to connect and transform their driving habits into data points for fair analysis.

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Improved Safety


Enhanced Efficiency

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Cost Savings

How can Webfleet Telematics help my Insurance Premiums?

Webfleet is one of the largest telematics companies in the world and their system has proven it can significantly contribute to a safer fleet.

Here’s how Webleet system can help

  • Helps introduce systems for monitoring driver behaviour data
  • Integrates with MANTIS vehicle CCTV
  • Provide collaboration tool with drivers to improve performance
  • Helps establish robust service and maintenance policies to adopt a preventative approach to maintenance

What can that achieve

  • A return on investment and not only in terms of cutting your
    repair costs and insurance fees
  • A more economical and efficient fleet
  • Reduced accidents and insurance premiums
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How can Connected Vehicle Cameras Reduce Insurance Premiums?


Vehicle cameras are one of the most effective strategies for lowering insurance premiums.

A connected system can provide:

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Insights
  • Video evidence of driver behaviour and accidents
  • Automated alerts and warnings

What can that achieve:

  • A training programme with driver best practices
  • A deterrent against fraudulent activities and theft
  • Proof of non-fault incidences
  • A proactive approach to any possible issues

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That’s why, we’ll ensure you will be provided a proper onboarding and training to the system. We will set up your system to your exact requirements matched with our industry expert advice.  Our expertise comes from providing this to 100s of fleets and using that knowledge to ensure you find the most efficiency from it.

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