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Aggregates fleet solutions

Class-leading remote workflow and vehicle management for concrete and aggregates.

    Aggregates Fleet Solutions combines the award-winning fleet management software WEBFLEET with cutting edge partner
    integrations, to create the ultimate fleet and workflow solution for your business:

    • Improve productivity and cash flow with digitised workflow
    • Prove vehicle compliance in real-time with connected technology
    • Deliver high safety standards with tools that empower your employees

    The net result? Happier customers, a more productive workforce and an improved bottom line

    Key Features

    Cloud based shipping software developed specifically for concrete and concrete and aggregates


    Premium multi-camera solution to empower drivers and maximise staff safety

    Award-winning telematics to show precisely when, where and how your fleet is being utilised

    Digitised vehicle checks to plan, carry out, communicate and record all forms of essential safety checks

    Digital Tachograph compliance to keep accurate track of your regulation deadlines

    Protect your valuable assets with geofencing alerts and ‘areas of operation’

    Streamline your day with

    AGG SMART cloud shipping and workflow software
    MANTIS premium camera solution WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager / TachoShare FleetCheck Driver AGG SMART is an integrated “cloud based” shipping system developed specifically for the concrete and aggregate sectors. It is a complete “end to end” solution, managing everything from customers, to quotes, to job planning, to delivery tracking, to invoicing and reporting. AGG SMART and WEBFLEET integrate so jobs can be sent directly to PRO 8 driver terminal in the truck, calculating the most efficient delivery route reducing fuel costs.


    MANTIS premium camera solution
    The MANTIS and WEBFLEET integration combines the power of WEBFLEET driving ‘events’ with MANTIS Evidence Centre for one view of the truth. Protect you drivers and improve safety standards with multi-camera options ranging from 1 to 24, geofencing and email alerts

    WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager / TachoShare
    WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager is the reliable all-in-one solution to download, analyse and archive your tachograph data. Compliance simplified at every step. Prefer to keep your existing analysis provider? WEBFLEET TachoShare remotely downloads and archives tachograph data. Then this data can be imported to your 3rd party analysis software

    Tachograph Manager

    FleetCheck Driver
    Designed to fully streamline the vehicle inspection process and remove the need for manual paper trails, FleetCheck Driver can
    run from WEBFLEET PRO driver terminals and gives drivers the facility to submit fit to drive declarations, input fuel purchases, report incidents and more.

    WEBFLEET advanced telematics
    Market leading, innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) fleet management software. WEBFLEET gives you secure access to all the information you need to manage your fleet operation in the most effective way.


    WEBFLEET asset protection
    WEBFLEET fleet management software instantly alerts you if and when an asset leaves a pre-defined area. If an asset is taken from site without permission, easily locate it via one interface in WEBFLEET

    How it works

    Connected by the WEBFLEET service platform, we work with specially selected partners to deliver the ultimate integrated solution. Talk with us to learn more.

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