Construction Fleet Management Software

Construction Fleet Management Software

Harness the power of Webfleet vehicle telematics, with this award-winning construction fleet management software and innovative partner integrations to streamline your operations, enhance security, and reduce administrative time. With real-time data readily available, planning your business operations has never been easier.

Key Features of the Construction Fleet Management Softeware

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Know where your construction assets and vehicles are at all times

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Digitise Working Time Registration

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Protect your valuable assets

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Reduce costs with real time monitoring and insights

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Use your construction equipment and vehicles more effectively

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Get all your business systems working together

Manage Your Fleet Efficiently with Cutting Edge Fleet Management Tools

Take control of your fleet, increase efficiency

With the construction fleet management software, you’ll always have real-time data on where your vehicles and assets are. This visibility allows for better planning and utilisation, significantly reducing time spent on administration while improving security. Gain full control over your construction fleet and drive your business towards higher efficiency.

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Reduce costs with real-time monitoring and insights 

The construction fleet maintenance software can help construction companies keep their fleets in perfect condition and repair costs under control. By scheduling and managing maintenance tasks on Webfleet, you can set up notifications based on odometer, operating time, or time since the last maintenance. This will ensure that your vehicles are properly maintained and that any mechanical issues are caught early. You can also monitor fuel consumption to identify abnormal usage and take steps to improve efficiency.

Secure your assets with remote asset monitoring

Webfleet uses geofencing to instantly alert you if a vehicle or asset leaves a pre-defined area. This means you can always know where your assets are and take action if they are taken without permission. You can also remotely monitor the status of your assets, such as their fuel level, temperature, and engine hours.

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Fleet check


FleetCheck fleet management software provides a range of services to help businesses manage their fleets more effectively. The company’s flagship product FleetCheck Driver is a mobile app that streamlines the vehicle inspection process and eliminates the need for paper trails. Drivers can use the app to submit fit-to-drive declarations, input fuel purchases, record incidents, and more. The app can be run on any smartphone, tablet, or Webfleet PRO driver terminal. You can also track your assets as the software uses GPS technology to track asset location in real time. This information can be used to improve efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and improve safety.

Mantis camera solutions 

The Mantis and Webfleet integration combines the power of Webfleet driving events with Mantis Evidence Centre to give you a single view of the truth. This powerful combination can help you to protect your drivers, improve safety standards, and reduce costs.

Mantis Cameras

How it Works

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