Join the telecom revolution

Is your business phone system not what you expected? Are you getting the maximum out of your system? Or, are you even aware if you’re overpaying for your telecom system?

One of the rising trends that we are seeing is that businesses, large and small, are missing out on features they’re not using and are tied into long-term contracts that are difficult to get out of.

When this occurs we may be able to buy you out of your contract or cover termination costs for the remaining months. Using the right system, you can then opt for a more reasonable price tag. Make sure to chat with our team to check if you’re one of the eligible.

But first, how do you know you’re not getting the most from your system? Chat with our team today for a free no-obligation review.  To help, we’ve highlighted some of the reasons you might not be getting the most from your system, and how to avoid this:

Am I Overpaying for my Telecoms System?

Your cloud telephone system can include hardware, software, broadband and mobile devices. Depending on the type of business, you could need any or just one of these things. As such, it’s likely the system you need and your requirements will be specific to you.

That’s why overcharges appear to be becoming more common. So, how do you know if that’s the case for you? Here are a few things to check to confirm if you’re being overcharged:

Has your prices increased?

Some telecom providers have terms and conditions outlined in their service contracts that allow them to adjust prices. Here are some of the reasons they  might increase the price:

–  Clauses that permit the telecom company to adjust prices over time- We have noticed some companies hide annual price increases in their contracts. If you’ve been with your telecoms company for a while, this could represent a significant increase.
– Some contracts have automatic renewal clauses, and price adjustments may be stated in the terms for each renewal period.

At Simplicity Group, we make our customers aware of all the terms at the beginning of their contract. So, you should receive no hidden charges throughout your contract.

Review your contract- Check Data Allowances

Telecom plans evolve, and your business needs may change over time. Regularly reviewing your contract helps ensure you are on a plan that aligns with your current usage patterns. Identifying and eliminating unnecessary features or overages can lead to cost savings.

Unused Features

Uncover hidden costs! Check if you’re paying for features you don’t need. Features are often bundled – don’t let them quietly drain your budget.

Here are a few things to check

– Examine your monthly telecom bills. Providers often detail the specific services and features you are being charged for.
– Take note of any features that you may not be actively using or that are not relevant to your business operation
– Ask your provider for a list of features currently in your plan.
– Evaluate your current business needs and workflows. Once relevant features may no longer serve a purpose.

Data Dilemmas

Keep an eye on data overages. You can review your monthly data usage through your telecom provider’s online account management portal or mobile app. Alternatively, examine your monthly telecom bills to check if there are any additional charges you aren’t expecting.

Account Management

Do you have an account manager to oversee your usage and secure the best deals. Regular performance reviews can uncover areas for optimisation.

At Simplicity Group, you will be assigned your own dedicated account manager who will conduct regular performance checks and reach out to discuss ways to utilise your account to it’s full capacity.

What can I do?

It’s important to explore alternative telecom providers. Switching providers can be a viable solution to avoid ongoing problems.

If you are already in a contract, reach out to one of our experts or call us at +44 (0)28 90 664 002 and we will be happy to assist. In most cases our team will be able to cover cancellation or termination costs before moving you onto the correct system for your business. We will then move to onboarding and training your team on the system. That way, you won’t be out of pocket.