Banbridge Group Surgery Case Study

Transitioning from an ISDN to Cloud system to handle a huge volume of calls and streamline call flows through the centre.

Banbridge Group Surgery are a Large General Practitioner based in Banbridge Northern Ireland. They care for the local community, and the surgery deals with any appointments, prescriptions, physiotherapy and social work. This drives huge amounts of telephone enquiries for the practices team to deal with.


The Background

The surgery was running soon-to-be redundant ISDN Services over an antiquated Phone System. This was proving extremely difficult to make changes to call flows and allow the business to meet the demand of call volumes.

The practice wasn’t aware of how many calls they were taking and how calls were split across their busy telephone team. These challenges resulted in frustration with the current telephone setup and a real desire to improve service to patients and efficiencies for staff.

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Simplicity Group

We quickly identified our Hosted Cloud Platform underpinned by the Gamma Data Network as the best solution to allow the medical centre to grow into the
features and solve the current challenges the health centre was facing.

The phone system is an integral part of any business’s communication and a first-class phone system can ensure that calls are routed to the right departments quickly and efficiently. 

Our Solution

Banbridge went to market looking for a telephone system to improve their communication and let it grow.

In a detailed fact find with Simplicity Group, we outlined several requirements that the phone system needed. The cloud-based phone system should be feature-rich, and the practice management team wanted some control over making core changes to the system.

Using Simplicity Group’s hosted solution the practice can handle the huge volumes of calls by utilising core components of the phone system to streamline call flows through the centre. Here are a few of the features included:

Auto Attendant

This allows the practice to route their calls to the correct department. The system is set up to direct calls to the correct person whether they book an appointment, or call with an emergency.

Call Centre

Our solution allows up to 50 users in a queue at once. These will tell the patients where they are in the queue and allows the staff of the practice to take calls in a uniformed manor. This is excellent for managing patient expectations.

Staff members can also log in and out of the queue at busy times and other members of staff can also help when call volumes are at peak locations.

Voicemail to Email:

Due to the nature of the practice taking repeat prescriptions, the system is set up to automate the process. When a caller selects repeat prescriptions on the auto attendant, they can leave their name, DOB, and prescription for the team. This allows the team to write up the scripts during an allocated period of the day and avoid unnecessary time on the phones.

Automated Messages

Information sent over voicemail is critical in a GP. Using the system’s messaging features, we can make important updates from Covid-19 vaccination procedures, shielding information and various other important messages.

These core messages can be automated on the phone system driving down common questions which can eat into staff’s valuable time.

Call Recording

The practice wanted to improve the service and support staff training. This is why the call recording feature is so powerful. Recordings can be stored in a secure environment for up to 7 years. They can then be downloaded and used for quality and training purposes.

Scheduled Hours

The practice has a requirement to send calls to multiple places through the week.  Using the system, they can push calls at numerous times of
the day to different areas such as emergency contacts and GP out of hours.

Home working and Flexibility Solutions

Banbridge utilise Simplicity Group’s home working applications to make calls via their laptop and mobile.  They can operate calls as if they were inside the surgery which is extremely beneficial to allowing the surgery to continue caring for their patients from remote locations.

Live Calling Analytics

Banbridge Surgery take over 41,000 calls per month. So, the team needs to understand how these calls are handled, and how they can make the call flows more efficient. Banbridge utilise calling analytics to see live cradle-to-the-grave reporting on the number of calls coming into the practice. This tracks who is live on a call, how long the average wait time and how long the average call is per agent. The system generates factual statistics to ensure the Practice management.

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