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How to Use Webfleet to Improve Your Fleet Performance

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The first telematics systems simply told you where your vehicles were located and how to navigate from place to place. The contrast with what is available today is huge. Over the past decade the WEBFLEET platform has been developing faster than you might think. Its not just the features within native WEBFLEET that have developed though. Integrating with WEBFLEET, a series of applications have developed to work in tandem with the telematics platform. Today we look at a selection of applications that have helped many business achieve a connected telematics solution:

Vehicle Checks

Fleetcheck have developed a simple walkround vehicle check that takes registrations and mileages from WEBFLEET to limit driver input. The perfect app for daily checks, highlighting defects and rectifications to keep you on the right side of DVSA.

Fleet Management

In addition to the vehicle checks Fleetcheck also have a Fleet Management solution that manages key dates for MOT, insurance, road tax etc. Fleetcheck has a red, amber, green system to highlight any maintenance tasks required for the fleet. In addition it has some specialist uses such as managing LOLER testing, CPC hours and tachograph calibration dates.

Job Scheduling

Formistica job scheduler has an integration with WEBFLEET that allows multiple jobs to be scheduled and then sent in bulk to WEBFLEET once the schedule has been confirmed. It allows Planners to use the utilization feature to make sure that the maximum amount of jobs can be completed that day.


The Mantis camera solution comes in two distinct options:

· Mantis 2 – 4G solution that records onto an SD card predominantly for the LCV market.

· Mantis 5 – DVR solution with multiple additional camera options which can work with LCV and HGV.

If WEBFLEET detects a driving event the Mantis solution will automatically collect this footage, often a collision, and store it on WEBFLEET without the need for this to be done manually.

Transport Management Systems

Eurora Group provides industry leading software for transport operators. This software suite is called Cyrus. At the heart of the software modules is Cyrus TMS. A Cloud-based transport system with a difference. As well as the expected WEBFLEET integration this solution has electronic proof of delivery, vehicle checks, customer portals as well as Garage and Warehouse Management software.

Temperature Monitoring

Rmoni, a pioneer in the “Internet of Things” since 2005, have developed a Digital Quality Management Solution for the registration, real-time monitoring and reporting of crucial control parameters.

Rmoni enable you to monitor the exact parameters which are essential to your business. Rmoni helps you guarantee food and medicine safety, increase cost-efficiency and attain compliance with sector-related regulations and requirements.

Aggregate Solutions

Minder Software offer two bespoke solutions for the aggregates market:

Ready Minder – An end-to-end system that can handle all of you ready mix concrete needs, with automated mix designs, real time scheduling and paperless ticketing.

Quarry Minder – Automating everything from quoting to invoicing, this system ties together all of the information for your Aggregate delivery system.

AGGSMART is an integrated “cloud based” shipping system designed specifically for the concrete and aggregate sectors. It is a complete end to end solution managing everything from customers, to quotes, to job planning, to delivery tracking, to invoicing and reporting. Best of all is it integrates with WEBFLEET and has an app specifically designed for the Pro8475 Driver Terminal.

Waste Solutions

WEBFLEET integrates with leading waste management software, VWS PURGO, to create a complete “end-to-end” solution. Streamline your processes and improve customer satisfaction with direct access to live waste data information. Improve cash flow with instant feedback on customer and round profitability and create diversion from landfill to ensure customers are charged fairly – not subsidising those with heavy waste.

What part of the WEBFLEET Connected Applications could add value to our business? Schedule a call with us to find out how these applications could take YOU ahead of your competitors

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