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How to Stay Compliant With Tachograph Automation From Webfleet Solutions

Do you have responsibility for downloading, using and reporting tachograph data?  

As the offering from Webfleet Solutions has continued to develop we look at what connected solutions are available for HGV’s.  In this blog we look at the challenges, solutions and potential outcomes for HGV Fleets that are required to work with tachographs 

Driving Time 

Challenge  Solution  Outcome 
Drivers telling Transport Managers they don’t have enough driving time left.   Easy reporting of Remaining Driving Time.  Transport Manager always in control of remaining driving time, today, this week and next week. 


The Remaining Driving Time feature on the WEBFLEET platform has proven to be invaluable to Fleet Managers.  No longer are drivers in control of remaining hours.This dynamic solution counts hours and minutes used and deducts it from the total to provide an instant answer on Remaining Driving Time. 

As you can see from the graphic below you can also view next break, next rest period as well as any infringements allowing you complete control of your fleet. 

Tachograph Downloads 

Challenge  Solution  Outcome 
Manual downloads take 20-45 minutes per vehicle and require a person to physically perform this task.  Tachograph Manager  Downloads both the driver and vehicle details into the WEBFLEET analysis platform. 
Manual downloads take 20-45 minutes per vehicle and require a person to physically perform this task.  Tachoshare  Downloads both the driver and vehicle details into the platform of your choice such as RHA, Logistics UK, Trutac, Tachomaster etc. 


Remote tachograph downloads remove the requirement of someone, usually a Transport Manager, having to manually perform this task. 

In one company we are aware of,the Transport Manager must arrive at 3am on one day each week because this is the only time that vehicles will be static. Only at this time canthey perform the manual download. 

WebfleetTachograph Manager removes the necessity for someone to be present. All you need is your vehicle on the road and the download will begin automatically. 

Download Options 

Option 1 – Tachograph Manager 

  • Downloads the data and feeds into the WEBFLEET platform for analysis. 

Option 2 – Tachoshare 

  • Downloads the data and feeds into your third part analysis software such as Logistics UK, RHA, Trutac, Tachomaster, TDi, Descartes, Aquarius or Convey Tech. 
  • Tachoshare is for organisations that wish to keep the current analysis platform so this provides the best of both worlds. 

Download Frequency 

Option 1 – Standard 

  • With the standard version the drivers card downloads every seven days and the vehicle downloads every twenty eight days. 

Option 2 – Plus 

  • With the Plus version the drivers card downloads every day and the vehicle every 7 days.  
  • The “Plus” version also comes with Remaining Driving Time and Remaining Driving Distance. 

 Use tachograph automation from Webfleet to  make the administration of your fleet of HGV’s easier and faster.  Click on the link below to arrange a discussion with our HGV experts to discuss what option might work best for your organisation. FIND OUT MORE